Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

#113: Monday Poetry Train Revisited 2011 Edition

Posted by gautami tripathy on January 3, 2011

First I wish you all a Very Happy 2011! May it filled with lots of writing!

Simply hop on aboard and enjoy!

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20 Responses to “#113: Monday Poetry Train Revisited 2011 Edition”


  2. First poem of the year:

  3. davidearle said

    After more than a year of absence, here is one from me:

  4. nunee said

    Found this wonderful site while scrolling on poets united. Can’t wait to read all the great words 🙂

    here is my contribution

  5. uma.a said

    My contribution

  6. Happy new year all

    This is about people with Tattoo
    Is it art or what

  7. Kristie said

    It’s been a long time since I visited due to writer’s block of the most horrible kind. Here is a new one inspired by last night.

  8. uma.a said

    Prompt : Write ,Learn and Share

    Why not try this one too ?

  9. Poembook said

    Inviting poets to try a new prompt and write ……………..

    ENTER TO GIVE MORE WORK TO YOUR BRAIN…Talented poets quest”

  10. here for the first time…
    hope to have a long stay 🙂


  12. Happy New Year, Poetry Train riders!

    I’m featuring an excerpt of an 1892 poem by Helen Hunt Jackson, called New Year’s Morning.

  13. Ana said

    A poem I wanted to share with you, therefore I translated it : Anaïs: The closed eye -Ana Blandiana

  14. revisited an old journal to remix one of my own poems:

  15. an edit of a poem i wrote a short time ago.

  16. davidearle said

    contemplating America and Martin Luther King Day

  17. mine is here:

  18. uma.a said




  20. Hmmm, what happened to Jan 10, 17, and 24?

    Is the poetry train still running?

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