Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

#98: Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Posted by gautami tripathy on September 20, 2010

Simply hop on aboard and enjoy!

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23 Responses to “#98: Monday Poetry Train Revisited”


  2. Brian said

    Love your haiku Gautami.


  3. Brian said

    A memorial post for my departed friend Lori.

  4. Harshad said

  5. A 3:15 poem:

    Defining Moment #2

  6. moondustwriter said

    Thanks for the invite
    Here’s Mine

  7. Ripples

  8. wysfool said

    Thank you for the invitation

  9. Consider mine –

  10. magicalmysticalteacher said

    Mine is up. Thank you for visiting!

    Angel of Mercy

  11. […] Mission San Xavier del Bac, Tucson, Arizona   For more Monday Poetry Train Revisited, click here.   For more Ruby Tuesday photos, click […]

  12. Someone Is Special said

    Mine is up..

    I wish not to hurt any heart

    –Someone Is Special–

  13. b said

    This is a post on positive thinking in poetry form. A last thought not attached to the poem:

    Without sorrow
    We would not appreciate joy!


  14. pieceofpie said

    hello g.. thank you for the invite… it’s been awhile… the sky is holding

  15. Jingle said

    got an old one,

  16. Ana said

    when I wroote is I knew I will share it in the monday poetry train.Anaïs: goodwill shopping

  17. Katherine said

    Thanks for the invite. Wasn’t sure what to share, so thought I would go into the archives for something. I wrote this after returning home from my drum circle one evening

  18. Here is Katherine’s link

  19. here’s my addition to this week’s archive.

  20. umapoems said

    Now its my turn on the Train

  21. On Friendship

  22. J. Elle said

    Jumping on the train!

  23. Over The Edge

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