Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

#91: Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Posted by gautami tripathy on August 2, 2010

Simply hop on aboard and enjoy!

Please don’t forget to leave the link of the post you want to share. Don’t leave your blog URLs.


22 Responses to “#91: Monday Poetry Train Revisited”

  1. Brian said

    Hope y’all had a great weekend. I slept most of the day on Sunday.

  2. systematicweasel said

    Not quite Monday yet, but will be soon. Hopping on a little early with Awakening Metamorphosis.

    I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.


  3. Welcome back, folks. It is great August morning here!

    wolfish grins

  4. Stan Ski said

    Here’s mine:

  5. Rumya said

    Here is my Poem : Metamorphosis

  6. A snowy poem for summer:

    At Least

  7. Loch Rob said

    Happy August everyone. My submission.

  8. Hi everyone.
    Have good time with this one.


  9. Rape
    by Gally Lines
    .:Lest I Smite Thee:. blog

  10. […] [Writing] Rape Posted: .:July.31.2010:. by Gally Lines ~ in Poetry, Writing Tags: abuse, author, christine lines, degradation, demons, devil, fear, gally lines, goth, horror, jokes, lest i smite thee, lestismitethee, men, nightmares, objectify, pain, poems, poetry, popular culture, punk, rape, sexism, shame, social commentary, society, stories, tears, women, Writing, writing groups 21 Submitted to Poetry Pantry Week 2, Undead Poets Society, Monday Poetry Train 91. […]

  11. Mory said

    i am new to this site, so i hope i followed the rules.

    here is my poem

  12. It’s been a tough week: I found out on Thursday night my dear friend the poet Paul Squires passed away then on Friday night mother passed away unexpectedly…and Sat the 315 experiment started…

  13. Anky0112 said

    AM just a beginner in this field… these are my lil’ efforts… hope you enjoy:
    happy august!!
    cheers!! 🙂 😉

  14. Jingle said

    it has been busy, I have one and thanks for reading!

  15. Travis said

    I didn’t have this poem ready until after Monday. I hope I can still ride the train, even though I’m hopping on at a later stop!

  16. Blood Moon

  17. Still

  18. niebla said

    3 words … well, a little more than that.

  19. Do not betray this woman

  20. Saving France with a plastic sword …

  21. Cocoon, ca. 1975 – a loving memory.

  22. Jingle said

    awards for you.

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