Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

#84: Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Posted by gautami tripathy on June 14, 2010

Simply hop on aboard and enjoy!

Please don’t forget to leave the link of the post you want to share. Don’t leave your blog URLs.

Do visit each other’s posts and please be a polite critique. We need not trash each others’ works. We can critique the work but not ones beliefs or thoughts.

Come on. Join in. I know you want to!

A few times, comments don’t show. Don’t panic. I will get those here ASAP! Leave one link per comment.


14 Responses to “#84: Monday Poetry Train Revisited”

  1. Stan Ski said

    Here’s mine: GIFT

  2. Here is mine:

  3. Here is a piece by Canadian poet George Elliott Clarke, who writes a poetry column in my newspaper that appears on Sundays:

    Blank Sonnet

  4. Deeptesh said

    Am back after a long time. Plz chk out my poem. It’s part of a longer trilogy. Let me know if u want to read the full poem.

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  6. Monday, Monday…

    Have a great week everyone!

    – Dina

  7. Felicity said

    The Opposite of Selective Amnesia

  8. pamela said

    Felicidades Monday!

  9. Here is mine!

  10. Playing with limericks again.


  11. Loch Rob said

    My submission.

  12. It’s been a while… but I have kept writing. here is mines

  13. TRAINING OR FEIGNING – Calling Out Clyde

  14. AC said

    Hello everyone.
    please find here my latest one 🙂

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