Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

#66: Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Posted by gautami tripathy on February 8, 2010

Simply hop on aboard and enjoy!

Please don’t forget to leave the link of the post you want to share. Don’t leave your blog URLs.

Do visit each other’s posts and please be a polite critique. We need not trash each others’ works. We can critique the work but not ones beliefs or thoughts.

Come on. Join in. I know you want to!

A few times, comments don’t show. Don’t panic. I will get those here ASAP! Leave one link per comment.


25 Responses to “#66: Monday Poetry Train Revisited”

  1. Looks like I might be on first!

  2. Felicity said


  3. Felicity said


  4. Felicity said


  5. waking in to dreams

  6. Thanks Gautami, It’s 2.30 a.m. here and I’m going to bed.
    Will be back later to read everybody’s posts.

  7. Heading towards Valentine’s Day:

    Falling With Abandon

  8. shashidhar said

  9. Gemma said

    Decided to post two links this week! Here is the first one! A phoku! Enjoy!

  10. Gemma said

    It helps to add the link! Sorry!

  11. Gemma said

    Here is my second phoku

  12. Good Monday to Everyone!!! 😀

  13. Madeline said

    Hello everybody,

    Here’s mine:
    ‘Tis A Terrible Thing

  14. Footprints

  15. Loch Rob said

    “Caribbean Nights”

  16. Well, this is going to be pushing the envelope because it’s a suite of poems that I’ve been working on, and publishing individually since December 24th. So if anyone would like to see them in toto:

    The Multi-Dimensional Adventures of Jesus and Coyote

  17. Sorry it’s late

    my poem


  18. One more try

    my poem


  19. niebla said

    It is not imaginary by Deirdre LaPenna.

  20. Milestone

  21. अब तुम इतने दूर हो (a short poem in Hindi).

  22. Hello All. Happy impending Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger will take over from the Year of the Ox starting on February 14). Click-through for my 3WW-inspired poetry submission this week. Tschuess, Sepiru Chris

  23. Hello All. A postscript 3WW-inspired submission… “Big egos. Loose ids.” Tschuess, Sepiru Chris


    Happy Valentine’s Day – all around!

  25. Brian said

    A little late but always thinking.

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