Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

#61: Monday Poetry Train Revisted

Posted by gautami tripathy on January 4, 2010

This is the first post of 2010 on the Poetry Train. I Wish you all a very creative 2010 and hope that you continue to participate.

May the train keep running. Please do invite your friends to come aboard.

Please don’t forget to leave the link of the post you want to share. Don’t leave your blog URLs.

Do visit each other’s posts and please be a polite critique. We need not trash each others’ works. We can critique the work but not ones beliefs or thoughts.

Come on. Join in. I know you want to!

A few times, comments don’t show. Don’t panic. I will get those here ASAP! Leave one link per comment.

18 Responses to “#61: Monday Poetry Train Revisted”

  1. I’m back on the train!

    Missives To The Brave:

    Happy New Year everyone 🙂


  3. New poetry prompts (and fine art) posted each Sunday. Please join us!

  4. Daily blogging prompts – every day of the week – at the Meme Express. Stop on in!

  5. I haven’t written anything for two weeks so I looked through my poems and found this one that I don’t think I’ve posted before. (But I didn’t check through my archives so I might be wrong!)

    Back to school tomorrow and I’ll be glad to get back to my normal routine. The Christmas craziness has really played havoc with my writing.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    I thought this one would be appropriate since I’m trying to lose a few pounds!

    Fat Sestina

  6. stan said

    Happy New Year:

  7. Happy New Year – all aboard the train!

    Holding Christmas Near

  8. madeline said

    Happy New Year everyone!! Lurker no more, I’m climbing aboard!
    Here is my link:

  9. Brian said

  10. Jeeves said

    Very Happy New Year!

  11. shashidhar said

  12. Happy New Year and First Monday Train of 2010!

  13. Good to see you all!

  14. Cedar Fence Post

  15. Happy nEw Year and Happy poem-ing!

  16. A little haiku instruction.


    Wishes for a happy, healthy, creative and successful 2010! :):)

  18. sassysezzy said

    Poems usually take me months to write, but I wrote this in a day! What a great start to the New Year.

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