Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #16

Posted by gautami tripathy on February 23, 2009

Dear folks, good to be back here. We are getting a lot of new participants. Please don’t forget to leave the link of the post you want to share. Don’t leave your blog URLs.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to visit each other. Be a polite critique. We need not trash each other’s works. We can critique the work but not ones beliefs or thoughts.

A few times, comments don’t show. Don’t panic. I will get those here ASAP! Leave one link per comment.

And I don’t have to tell you help spread word about the train! Do it any way you like.


35 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #16”

  1. julia said

    Happy Oscar Night!

    For the Poetry Train, I’ve got Turned in the Road.

  2. stan said

    The 9.35 from Non Sang.

  3. Nairobi said

    Hello gautami!!
    In my office now…got the monday blues 🙂

    Always worried about what other people think about you??
    Here’s mine:

  4. Mine is not poetry. However, we can post any thing creative, can’t we?!


    Will post poetry sometime today or tomorrow

  5. Jeeves said

  6. sister AE said

    Thought I’d share something I just did for Cafe Writing’s February project. Not polished, but I’m pleased for the time I spent on it…

  7. Golden-Fingered Dawn

  8. Richard said

    Tami, thank you so much for keeping this space for “un-prompted” poems. I’d like to let two out into the world this week, but I’ll do two posts. Here’s the first:


  9. Richard said

    …and the second:



  10. I’m one of the early ones this week… woohoo!

    On the Night She Left Her Form

  11. You’ll find plenty of poetry in this post:


  12. This is an adaptation of a Chumash origin story which I am adapting for a children’s book to be illustrated by felt artist Borbala Arvai.

    There’s also a link to see my video application for “the best job in the world” blogging about the Great Barrier Reef. I hope you’ll check it out!

  13. hey everone, thanks again for this platform, it is wonderful place to share and get comments and feedback…
    i am here In the Middle of the Night

    have fun

  14. Here’s mine: you are welcome to trash my beliefs and thoughts and to tear my work apart – if you want to!

  15. Visit me at

  16. Deeptesh, post the URL of the poem you wish to share with us, not the blog URL. It makes easier for us to read your work and comment.

  17. Yeah I finally figured it out.I’m new in here.Now I sincerely hope u all will visit me and leave ur comments.Pls do visit me.

  18. Here’s mine at:

  19. floreta said

    hello, i offer a simple haiku this week:

  20. A short poem about an incident that happened last week at school.

  21. She Walks

  22. First time here :

  23. lissa said

    I keep forgetting about MPTR, sorry, I’m just not awake on Mondays, anyway, here’s my offer:

    morning slumber

  24. There’s politics in a Long Slow Scratch

  25. Pretty Prats said

    First timer here :

  26. I posted a NaisaiKu! Those are fun writes!

    Do check it out:

  27. Andrew said

    my un-prompted poem can find a way to your mind… just click here

  28. Rye said

  29. Rye said

  30. A few words on immortality, and being in perennial existential strife.

  31. Here’s mine on being lost in time on account of being immortal.

  32. Here’s mine on being lost in time on account of being immortal.

  33. I was wrong about the sky.


  35. the.light.bearer said

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