Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #15

Posted by gautami tripathy on February 16, 2009

Dear folks, welcome to another episode of the  poetry train.  Hop in! It will run all week!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to visit each other. Be a polite critique.  We need not trash each other’s works. We can critique the work but not ones beliefs or thoughts.

A few times, comments don’t show. Don’t panic. I will get those here ASAP! Leave one link per comment.

And I don’t have to tell you help spread word about the train! Do it any way you like.


35 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #15”

  1. Here is mine, enjoy!

    stone of moss and lichens

  2. I’m on board this week, once again. Fiction featuring Lyric.

    Lyric’s Boots

  3. stan said

    Now departing from platform 2

    Hope you enjoy the ride!

  4. totomai said

    mine 🙂

  5. Spring is, well, not exactly springing, but at least creeping… Green Thumbs

  6. Jeeves said

    Here is mine

  7. jetsme said

    Here’s mine:

  8. angie said

    The view is lovely from this train! 😉

  9. floreta said

  10. Plenty in this post:


  11. ••• Continuum

  12. Here is mine:

  13. julia said

    Titanic’s Unknown Child

  14. gp said

    here iz mine: graveyards of tomorrow.

    thank you everyone, and thank you gautami 🙂

  15. Here:


  16. Haiku Tuna said

    A little nugget: Summit

  17. Another poem from the past…

    Clan of Dust Bunnies

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  19. It’s good to be writing again, after some time away!

    On Peace

  20. A short one I wrote in school not long ago.

  21. As many of you know by now, I am applying for the job of caretaker for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, so I have been obsessed with the region and preparing my video application. The shooting’s done; we’re editing now!

    I asked Paul Squires aka Gingatao to rec local poets to me and so that’s what I posted today. It was either that or my script! hmmn maybe I should post that too…

    here’s the direct link to the page with a humourous ballad plus another poem:

  22. Hi Gautami et al. Sorry I’m late again but here’s mine:

  23. Divides

  24. Richard said


  25. In homage to Richard’s [The Resident Djinn’s Bundle of His(s)] poem (above) I offer an older poem on Cats and Fish.

  26. I offer another dropped poem:

  27. this week i am joining late as i was In Foreign Town

    thank you everyone for the sharing and support, for your inspiring words and love to the langauge and creativity.

  28. Hi Gautami, Hope you see this, can you please list The NaisaiKu.. Challenge! in your Prompt Links as we now have a weekly prompt every Tuesday.
    Thank you, in anticipation Andy

    The NaisaiKu.. Challenge!

  29. Did it, Andy!

  30. Thanks Gautami, I appreciate that, and thank you so much for joining in the Challenge again this week.

  31. Nairobi said

    Hi there…
    M so very late…just stuck up with some work.
    Anyway here’s mine:

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  33. No one visited me last time.I hope it’s different this time around.

  34. It’s visit me this time.

  35. the.light.bearer said

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