Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #14

Posted by gautami tripathy on February 9, 2009

Dear folks, another Monday our train is here. Hop in! It will run all week!


39 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #14”

  1. Hello Gautami,

    Thanks for the invitation.

    May I present a podcast of avant garde poetry, put together by Kenneth Goldsmith at the Poetry Foundation. It is not that long and I think it is fascinating. It explores various forms of ethno-poetics and sound poetry. It was found by Elaine Erig, the founder of (and who kindly asked me to co-collaborator on Catssssssssss…Meow.

    The podcast is posted here Punk versions of monkey chants

    I will be back.


  2. totomai said

    here’s mine

  3. Boom Blinding Brilliance

  4. Jeeves said

    For Monday Poetry Train.

  5. julia said

    Hi Gautami – I’ve got For Helen He Would Do It.


  7. Follow the trail and reach me soon:

  8. Richard said


  9. What an interesting poetry train we have!
    She is a Palette

  10. mary das said

    Nice journey. Thank you.

  11. floreta said

    i would like to share the following.

    thank you.

  12. good morning Monday! I have a Valentine for you! Come to my blog for delivery!

  13. You’ll find plenty in this post:


  14. Hiya!

    Thanks Gautami^

  15. watermaid said

    This is a little different to what I’m currently writing.

    Stop Bugging Me

  16. Haiku Tuna said

    Just a little memory vignette of past travels:

    El Capitan

  17. Here is my submission:

    Thanks again, Gautami~~

  18. […] for beautiful poetry visit the Poetry Train […]

  19. thank you every one for the sharing and insperation.
    there is a war
    but hopfully not for too long.

  20. Jill said

    It’s always nice to see that you kept the tradition going Gautami!
    I’m up with “Ce désir”

  21. Richard said

    I do love that Poetry Train doesn’t have a prompt. Here’s another for the week:


  22. Richard said

    Utopian Fragments: your comments seem to be broken.

  23. Jill said

    Oups, I’ve been told that I didn’t write the link right, so here it the good one
    Sorry about that!

  24. Bits of Earth Revisited…

    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll!

  25. angie said

    one for Valentine’s Day…

  26. During the winter of 1992 we packed up the kids and spent five months on the North Shore of Hawaii. My son, Nathan, was in the eleventh grade and I had fun watching him learning to surf. I wrote this one a few years ago about that time in paradise.

  27. here’s the actual link to my post:

    been having troubles with the comment box–anybody else?

  28. Hey All.

    On the Day of the Great Miracle

  29. Sepiru,

    That podcast was excellent! I couldn’t find anyplace to leave a comment on your blog. I studied with several of the poets mentioned in the piece including Jerome Rothenberg and Jackson MacLow when I was at Naropa. Great find!

  30. stan said

    Late arrival:

  31. Here are my frivolous 3WW haiku offerings this week.

  32. Check out my poems.And do add me here.


  33. My blog is

  34. Nairobi said

    Hey everyone..

    Here’s my input…For someone who sees love in all…and becomes a prisoner of love

  35. watermaid said

    I just popped back to say that I’m loving this new community.

  36. Thanks Watermaid!

    I too think so!

    Deeptesh, you need to contribute to the poetry train in order to be in the blogroll. Every monday and thereafter.

    Leave a permalink of any poetry post you do throughtout the week.

    Anyone contributing three times consecutively is added to the blogroll.

  37. John T said

    Not sure why mine didn’t show up:

  38. My first time on the train Gautami. I bought one of my multi-media poems aboard. It’s entitled Swept Away.

    PLEASE NOTE: when you get to my blog, please go to “my site tunes” located in the right sidebar, then ‘pause’ the music player located there — so it will not interfere with the soundtrack of Swept Away.

    Best when listened to in stereo at an increased volume.



  39. Just when you thought the train was going to stop, along came Friday The Thirteenth!

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