Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisted #13

Posted by gautami tripathy on February 2, 2009

Dear folks, another Monday our train is here. Hop in! It will run all week!

BTW, Floreta created this poetry button for us. She took the picture from

Do feel free to use either of the two poetry buttons!

Thanks Floreta! It is truly beautiful!


30 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisted #13”

  1. julia said

    I’ve got another found poem: The Undiscovered Scream

  2. Hi guys

    My latest post:

  3. Thanks Gautami, sorry I was away last week but I’ve got a little something for you here:

  4. floreta said

    thanks for the praise Gautami..

    i am actually contributing a poem that’s NOT for One Single Impression like I normally lump the two.

    this is completely original (no prompts) so i am excited about it. the first verse was written last summer and i decided to finally expand…

  5. Here’s my post for this week:


  6. thank you every one for sharing your words and works. it is beautiful to have this community of letters-combination lovers.

    you can visit me here

  7. watermaid said

    This poem is a rondeau, which is one of the forms for Totally Optional Prompts this week. I’m attempting something new here.

    The Mystery of Life

  8. Jeeves said

    For MPTR.

  9. Here is my poem, inspired by a photograph:

  10. sister AE said

    Something I was remembering last week turned into this poem:

    It’ll take me a couple days before I get around to see what other folks have posted. Have patience! Too many things on my to-do list these days.

  11. Annamari said

    This week I would like to share with you a translation (mine) after one of my favorite Romanian poets:Marin Sorescu.
    and thanks to Gautami for the opportunity to share 🙂

    Anaïs: I borrowed a poem from the twilight

  12. Jill said

    I didn’t forget this week…
    So here is my contribution for this week:

  13. The Tanning Bed strikes back.

  14. Some Walter…

  15. The new button is gorgeous! How do I get on the blogroll?

    One year ago…

    At the Gap

  16. Whispers and Screams

    Written a few years ago…

  17. “This is not my story” :

  18. A little late: I couldn’t get to a computer this morning. Winter Forms

  19. wow, I posted the link to that poem then found out there was a fire at my son’s school so I wrote this and posted it:

  20. JetHappy said

    Not a poem:

  21. Nairobi said

    Hey there everyone…looks like we havin a nice time here on poetry train.
    Thnx to gautami!

    We need to realise that there is a lot we all are capable of doing….instead of just waiting for things to happen.


  22. Hello, hello!

    Another “dropped” poem.

  23. John T said

    Here’s mine again:

  24. I suppose mine did not show up!


    dancing verses

  25. angie said

    Beautiful button, Floreta! 😉

    Here’s mine…written for TOP, too:

  26. Haiku Tuna said

    late and late…

    happy birthday

  27. I’m late this week and missed last week. Our school runs on a block schedule and we got all new classes last week. On top of that, we had company for the weekend. All this cuts into my poetry time.

    Here’s mine.

    Thanks, Gautami!

  28. Nairobi said

    Hey gautami…
    Thnx a lot for that information on Haiku.
    will get back to you sometime again….
    thnx again dear.

  29. Nairobi said

    Hello again…

    Here’s my input….for all the fleeting moments.

  30. Meena said

    My latest offering.. not on monday though..

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