Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #10

Posted by gautami tripathy on January 12, 2009

Yet another episode of Poetry train. Thanks to all of you, it is getting slowly recognised.  Still we have a long way to go.

Come post your poetry, prose, prose poetry, short stories. Anything goes as long as you created it. Also if you wish to share any poetry by any other poet, fill free to do so. BTW, you can subscribe to the comments of this blog on your reader so as not to miss any post!

I am adding you in the blogroll. If any one is left out, please let me know.

I am also putting up a blogroll of all the prompt sites I know. Do check those out. Some of those are very good.

If anyone can create more buttons for the train, I would truly appreciate it.

36 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #10”

  1. Here’s my poem for this wee: Swan Quills

  2. julia said

    I’ve got When He First Appeared at the Bottom of the Stairs over at my place.

  3. Richard said

    Hmmm. Let me try this again.


    Tami, if this one works, would you get rid of the previous?


  4. Mine’s titled Me. It’s a part of my Poetry Tumble.

  5. floreta said

    my contribution can be found here:

  6. You’ll find a couple of attempts here:


  7. Jeeves said

  8. Good to see som many responses.

    Here is mine:

    Richard, done!

  9. Stop the train, I want to get off – but only to post this:

  10. Here:

  11. Here were my thoughts this morning, inspired by the beautiful photograph:


  13. lissa said

    here’s my offer


  14. Marcia, for some reason, I am unable to comment on your post. As soon as I try to I get back to this page.

    I liked your poetry. I found it very surreal somehow.

  15. lissa said

    I seem to have trouble commenting on MeeAugraphie’s blog, try to fill in the info (name/email/link) it sends me back to this page (MPTR)

    anyway here’s my comment:
    I do like the poem but haven’t read the others, I think it’s a piece that could be itself, it feels like a dream to me, someone who has yet decide whether it is a dream


  17. I hope this link works.


  18. A bit of haiku and a bit of color…

    Sunday Haiku and Image

  19. Haiku Tuna said

    I’m working on a series, here’s part one:
    Stage 1: Denial

  20. John T said

    Here’s mine:


  21. Nothing concentrates the mind like Three Rattlesnakes

  22. My sister, Nancy, and I have always had a love/hate relationship and it goes way back to when she was born and I felt Displaced.

    Thanks, Gautami, for keeping this site going and working so hard to expand it!

  23. JetHappy said


  24. Kisses everyone.

  25. Oops, my link didn’t go through.

    Daily Grind

  26. This week I’m posting a link to a poem called ‘Painters’ by Australian poet, Kevin Brophy, which is the Guardian’s Poem of the week. Carol Rumens has written about the poem. I think it’s good to read new poets, particularly those with different styles to our own.

    Gautami, how do I subscribe to the comments here on my reader? Sorry to be an ignoramus.

  27. On the right side bar, you can see Subscribe.
    o Entries (RSS)
    o Comments (RSS)

    Just click the one you want and paste it on your google reader subscription link.

  28. And Thanks posting this link. I loved reading his poem. Bookmarked it too.

  29. you’re doing great, Gautami!

    Mine’s at

  30. more details: post title “An American Sentence, A Shoe Poem, and a Call to Artists” and this should be a direct flight:

  31. Haiku Tuna said

    Just in case someone wants to see the whole

  32. Edward said

    A humorous poem which incorporates 10 words provided by a community on a social networking site.

  33. Ashley said

    I’ve been posting my creative short stories for my Narrative Techniques class. While we do have a book of mini prompts they are style restrictions and the rest is up to us. I’ve found it enjoyable so far!

  34. Ashley said

    Hmm it didn’t post the link. Let’s try again

  35. Mad Kane said

    Just in time for obama’s inauguration, I’ve written
    An Alpha-Political Farewell to Bush.

  36. pieceofpie said

    hi g… a couple of times i tried to come by from the link but my computer crashed every time… this is the first time i could actually come by and write something…. i’ve bookmarked and will visit again…

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