Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #9

Posted by gautami tripathy on January 4, 2009

Wishing All Of You The Best Of The Season.

May The New Year Be Wonderful For You.

In All Ways.

Thanks to Gel Emerald, Linda Jacobs, Tiel and Mad Kane, MPTR is getting a bit of publicity. We have had lot more participation for MPTR #8. Still suggestions are solicited and are very welcome.

Come on folks. Do join in the fun! And please don’t forget to visit each other. Help build up the poetry community. Help spread the word. Display the button proudly on your blogs.

BTW, you can subscribe to the comments of this blog on your reader so as not to miss any post!

I have added all of you in the blogroll. If any one is left out, please let me know.

I am also putting up a blogroll of all the prompt sites I know. Do check those out. Some of those are very good.


35 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #9”

  1. Hope all of you come back with great works.

    Here is mine:

  2. Here’s one from me: Shoeshine Blues

  3. Thank you, Gautami, for telling me about the Monday Poetry Train. I will certainly participate when I can! I love that there’s no prompt because I can just go where my muses lead me. Here’s what I wrote about yesterday:

  4. julia said

    I’ve got a double post today. One for the Poetry Train, featuring Russian poet Vladimir Kirshon’s I Asked the Ash-Tree. And one for the Blog Improvement Challenge.

  5. Jeeves said

    For MPTR and OSI.

  6. floreta said

    this was also for OSI

  7. Hi Gautami, heres one I wrote earlier:

    By the way did you know you spelt Revisited wrong on this post???

  8. Well, I’ve finally got round to joining. You’ll find mine here:


  9. Richard said

    I was slouched on the couch all set for a sunday nap, and this came around:


  10. If only I was retired, then I’d happily write unique posts for each writing prompt. (So if you’ve read this, please go back in my archives and read an older post. I love to write humor, too!)
    Starry I Scream

  11. watermaid said

    I’ve finally grasped what this is about. Please add me to the blogroll.

    the only daughter

  12. Message for Richard, Bundle of His(s)

    Hi Richard, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but try as I might I still can’t leave a comment on your blog. I’ve tried on several occasions over the past few months and I’ve checked back now and none of my comments have been saved. I wonder if any one else is having the same problem?

  13. hot off the presses (or would that be pixels?):

  14. Here’s a look into the Deep Shadows

  15. Richard said

    If anyone is having the same problem with leaving a comment for me, try enlarging the comment pop-up. You might not be getting all the buttons. Sweets, thanks for letting me know.

    Anything else, please let me know by writing

  16. ThomG said

    It’s not poetry, but I like the way this came out and so far, it’s not gotten ANY love:

  17. KiteHorse said


    parti-colored wrist
    slopped with winsor & newton:
    signed with dna

  18. KiteHorse said


    parti-colored wrist
    slopped with winsor & newton:
    signed with dna

  19. angie said

    Hello, everyone!
    Happy January.
    This is just a silly one–the holidays took a toll on me!

  20. lissa said

    here’s my offer

    now if only I can remember MPTR, I think I forgot a few Mondays, but I’ll try

  21. Here is an old one I wrote a couple years ago. I had my poetry-writing students grab a newspaper and look up their horoscope and write a poem around it. This was mine.

  22. an oldie still in progress… you know


  23. steve said

    A short story:

  24. Glad MPT is back!

    Blessings all around,

    PLEASE, DON’T DO US ANY FAVORS – on holiday party guests

  25. Andy, I set it right! Thanks!

  26. Tami, I want to become a member but I do not know have to make a link. If some kind poet would help me.
    Here is my poem:
    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Free fall
    In a void
    Will it end?

    Free fall
    So broken
    Lips blue
    Eyes wide

    Free fall
    Chilled pale skin
    The circle turns
    The tide covers all


  27. Nairobi said

    hello everyone…
    hows it goin on the poetry train? A pretty interactive place i must say….

    here’s my input:

  28. Nairobi said

    sorry got the link wrong there….

    here’s below

  29. Nairobi said

    hey gautami!! Do add me on the blogroll…

  30. Free fall

  31. Edward said

    A poem of mine about the recent news story concerning a group of mice who managed to kill 100 cats. 😦

  32. I’m going to try to play along with this one.

    Winter Watch

  33. John T said

    Here’s my rambling:

  34. gp said

    here I am, and here it is:

    thanks gautami 🙂

  35. Meena said

    Finally my poem!!

    I am so late! i know!!

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