Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #7

Posted by gautami tripathy on December 22, 2008

Thanks to Linda Jacobs, Tiel and Mad Kane, MPTR is getting a bit of publicity. We have had lot more participation for MPTR #6. Still suggestions are solicited and are very welcome.

Come on folks. Do join in the fun! And please don’t forget to visit each other. Help build up the poetry community. Help spread the word. Display the button proudly on your blogs.

BTW, you can subscribe to the comments of this blog on your reader so as not to miss any post!

I will add all of you in the blogroll very soon.


17 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #7”

  1. Richard said


  2. Jeeves said

    This one for this week’s poetry train


  4. sister AE said

    I’m not sharing my own poetry this week, but instead I posted about an old poem I like a lot.

    I’ll be around later to read everyone’s posts.

  5. More Musical Hanukkah from me. I hope you’ve been following along; it’s been fun this year, with some new characters.

    Anyway, here’s a revisit with last year’s creation, Springer.

  6. julia said

    Here’s a look at what an arranger does to a well-known poem.

  7. ‘Cause we’re having way too much snow… Snow and Cobwebs

  8. A newspaper article evoked Cyclone Emotion.

  9. […] also, note: Gautami is giving us all a chance to share our creative efforts at Monday Poetry Train Revisited. It is a ride you will not forget, I’m sure. You will probably find yourself riding it […]

  10. Happy Holidays, everyone!

    The Lounge

  11. Hi folks. please find here my latest inspiration: Entrance . Enjoy!

  12. Haiku Tuna said

    My observations from today 😉

    Last Minute Shopping

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  13. a 315 experiment poem: the early morning shift

  14. steve said

  15. Hi Gautami,
    When I read about this site this morning, I noticed that it’s very free and open so I AM able to participate. (I’m glad there are no prompts. I like to write about what I feel or re-post such material.) I hope it’s acceptable to re-post old poetry I took off my former blogs. I prefaced my poem on my site with a blurb and link about participating here at Poetry Train. (If I did something against the rules, just email me, please.)

    A poem from May of last year but it fits the season: If I coded wrong just go to the Dec. 24 post called
    Swirl-luscious. Swirl-luscious

  16. OOPS_ HERE’S THE CORRECTED code for the POEM LINK (if you didn’t click on my name)

  17. macrush53 said

    Here is mine. What a great find this is.

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