Monday Poetry Train Revisited

Hop on Aboard, All of You!

Monday Poetry Train Revisited #4

Posted by gautami tripathy on November 24, 2008

Post your links here, in the comment section!

Come on folks. Do join in the fun! And please don’t forget to visit each other. Help build up the poetry community. Help spread the word. Display the button proudly on your blogs.

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12 Responses to “Monday Poetry Train Revisited #4”

  1. Sorry for the delay, Folks!

    Here is mine:

    alpha and omega

  2. Joy Renee said

    Here is mine It’s not a poem but a photo essay of my Mom (77) who fell and broke her hip yesterday. tho I did link to two other photo essays of her, one of which features one of my poems. Send blessing to her surgeon that his hands and mind be steady and sure.

  3. julia said

    I have a fiction excerpt up today:


  4. well

  5. i’ve got a 3:15 experiment poem “too bright for stars”

  6. btw, guatami, this theme has color choices. i was considering it for a blog i’m developing on wine–http://wine there’s a cool red you might considering switching to to pick up on the red “poetry” in the badge!

    feel free to delete this comment at any time–and thanks again for taking up the conductor job!

  7. I have a Chelle piece up at my place… And I hope this makes it through the spam blocker (that’s why no link; just click on my name).

  8. The Letter V

  9. Andrew said

    there it goes… a little late but I hope you’ll like it nevertheless.


  10. hey poetry trainers–

    considering the horrendous situation in mumbai, getting the train going this week may be a challenge for guatami

    should we just post our links for this week here?

    and guatami, if you would like one of us to help out in any way, i am sure we would be happy to. let me know if there’s anything i can do.

    thinking of you…

  11. Good thinking, artp. Here’s my link for this week, and for Mumbai: Earth Square Prayer

  12. i have one up also…

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